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Jatayu - Restless Feat. Harini Iyer & Praveen Sparsh [Official Music Video]

Jatayu - Restless Feat. Harini Iyer & Praveen Sparsh [Official Music Video]

We are happy to share ‘Restless’ in collaboration with Harini Iyer on vocals and Praveen Sparsh on mridangam. ‘Restless’ is a song about self-discovery, introspection and growth that brings in the vocal prowess of Harini Iyer and the hypnotic mridangam expertise of Praveen Sparsh to take the listener on a journey. With this release, we aim to further our goal of collaborating with artists from around the world to create a sonic texture that is always evolving. The narrative of 'Restless' follows a blob-like being, created from different elements of the earth, as they journey through empty barren lands trying to find the meaning of their existence. Eventually, through their journey, exploration and soul searching, they begin to create newer forms of life and nature. They believe their purpose on this planet is to simply create and once this realization dawns upon them, they begin to fill the empty land with newer forms of mountains, waterfalls and forests. Thus, creating their own planet, from which a new blob-like being is formed and the cycle repeats: ~ Creation of the Being ~ Questioning oneʼs existence ~ Travelling/Growing/Exploring ~ Purpose and Self Discovery Composed, Arranged and Produced by Jatayu: Shylu Ravindran - Acoustic/Electric/Classical Guitar Sahib Singh - Electric Guitar/SFX Kashyap Jaishankar - Bass Guitar/SFX Manu Krishnan - Drums Featuring Artists: Harini Iyer - Vocals/Melody/Lyrics Praveen Sparsh - Mridangam Mix and Master : Ishit Kuberkar at Soundpotion Studios Artwork/Video Directed & Animated by : Pooja Sreenivasan ( Follow the Official Jatayu Accounts : Instagram -​ Facebook - Website -
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