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JATAYU - The Wild Kids feat Putad Pihay [Official Music Video]

JATAYU - The Wild Kids feat Putad Pihay [Official Music Video]

"The Wild Kids" featuring Putad Pihay is a celebration of authenticity in a world that often demands conformity. Putad who hails from the Amis community, one of Taiwan's indigenous ethnic groups, known for their deep connection to the island's natural landscapes have a rich oral tradition, with storytelling, music, and dance playing integral roles in passing down their cultural heritage. Like many indigenous groups worldwide, the Amis people have faced historical and contemporary challenges, including land rights issues, cultural preservation, and discrimination. This music video offers an intimate look at our live performance in Taipei. It captures the genuine connections we formed with the audience, emphasizing the power of music to unite and inspire. It's a testament to breaking down barriers and encouraging us all to be 'Wild Kids.' It's also a poignant reminder that Putad and her people have faced discrimination for far too long. This song is her powerful declaration of pride in her heritage, a message of strength and resilience against the backdrop of adversity. Written and performed by JATAYU & PUTAD PIHAY Shylendran Ravindran - Guitar / Kanjira Sahib Singh - Guitar Kashyap Jaishankar - Bass Manu Krishnan - Drums / Vocals Putad Pihay - Lyrics / Vocals / Percussions Organiser - NPCC Mixing & Mastering Engineer : 張永翰 BajayHans Chang Mixing & Mastering Studio : 咪咪貓貓混音工作室 Meow Mixing Studio (Taiwan) Photographer: 蔡岳鋒 York Thai、林宣佑Roger Lin Editing : 林宣佑 Roger Lin Follow the Official Jatayu Accounts : Instagram - Facebook - Website -
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